dinsdag 27 december 2011

AnonymouSabu aka Xavier de Leon?

Could you call it remarkable when someone specifically remembers a local root exploit of more than 6 years ago? A local root exploit that doesn't mean any thing at the time of writing. (At least for us...)

It is what catched my eye during this conversation between @anonymouSabu and @mikko. In this tweet anonymouSabu mentions this exploit. Author of the exploit is Xavier de Leon, xavier@tigerteam.se.
The connection between Xavier the Leon has been long suggested and this tweet of anonymouSabu could just be adding value to the smokescreen that keeps him from getting arrested. But for the trained eye, this must be of great value and a serious suggestion pointing towards the identity of anonymouSabu.

But let's never forget anonymouSabu is smart, and aware of this suggestion.

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