zondag 8 maart 2015

The 5elafabook joke!

As one might have witnessed ISIS/ISIL or the Islamic State supporters now a days are quickly banned from Twitter and other social media. According to recent research over 46,000 accounts have been banned in order to stop the ISIL propaganda machine.
Now, in order to tackle this problem some say ISIS/ISIL created a Facebook on their own. Several trustworthy twitter accounts report about the new Khilafabook and tweeted the link to it.
From this point many international media took over this 'news'. But maybe a little bit to quick?

The domain used is Quick research teaches us some very weird things.

1. The domain doesn't use encryption. This makes it easy for any intelligence agency to tap into the traffic generated and monitor/influence the (contents of the) website.
2. The website is hosted in America, of all countries. America?!
3. The website is hosted on a shared hosting platform. Any admin of that shared hosting platform has access to all the data stored on the server. And from a performance perspective, this site won't be able to handle a lot of visitors...

If you want to get rid of censorship this is probably not, in anyway, a preferred setup one would choose. For an intelligence agency this setup is even way, way, to obvious, and wouldn't make sense at all. In my opinion this is just a setup chosen by an amateurish ISIL supporter or funny prankster!

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